Archive: February 2014

The Never-Ending Winter: How Weather Affects Your Job Search

If the television series Game of Thrones was set in the Midwest, its tagline wouldn’t be “Winter is Coming”, but “Winter is Staying.”

Here in Madison, we’ve had an unprecedented number of Winter Storm Warnings and Wind Chill Advisories, and we’re honestly wondering if all of our children will have to stay in school through the end of June just to make up all of the snow and extreme cold days they’ve had.

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Olympic Athletes: What They Can Teach Us About the Job Search

The first weekend of activity has officially wrapped up at the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, and it’s absolutely impossible not to get sucked into the action. While I can’t say that I follow the world of figure skating, biathlon, alpine skiing, or slopestyle snowboarding on a regular basis, it’s the competition and the athlete stories that consistently draw me in.

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Hiring for Cultural Fit: Why It’s Important & How to Do It

Before I started my position as Marketing Coordinator at Drake & Company, I worked as a Marketing Manager for a small co-ed independent PreK through Grade 8 school in Lake Forest, Illinois. Last summer, my husband found a job in Madison, and we jumped at the opportunity to get back to Wisconsin.

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7 Misconceptions About Working With Staffing Firms

At Drake & Company, applicants come to us through several channels. Sometimes we’ve worked to place them in a temporary or full-time position before. Other times, they come to us as a referral from someone we’ve placed. However, the majority of the applicants registering with us are new to the staffing industry. Whenever we speak with a new applicant, we are reminded of the many misconceptions there are regarding the staffing industry—and we thought we’d take the time to dispel them here with regard to Drake & Company:

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