Archive: September 2015

Love Your Job? Time To Update Your Resume

So, you just received a promotion and a raise at work. Congratulations to you! You love your job, and you are quite sure that you will be staying with your current employer for a long time. Do you know what you should do now? You should go home and update your resume right away. Most […]

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Dear Atty., My Employee Lawyered Up. Now What?

Dear Atty., We have a current employee who is out on workers’ compensation. He hired an attorney prior to being released to return to work. He has been released to return to work with a 10‑pound lifting restriction. We do have work available within his restriction, but he has resisted all of our efforts to […]

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Hiring Tips From Childhood Lessons

The Internet is filled with advice on what employers want from job applicants, but what we do not often hear about is what job applicants hope to receive from employers in return throughout the hiring process. Job seekers work hard to impress employers throughout the application process in hopes of becoming the chosen one for […]

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