Hiring Tips From Childhood Lessons

Two hands shake at a job interview in Madison, Wisconsin The Internet is filled with advice on what employers want from job applicants, but what we do not often hear about is what job applicants hope to receive from employers in return throughout the hiring process.

Job seekers work hard to impress employers throughout the application process in hopes of becoming the chosen one for a job opportunity. As job applicants strive to make the best impression on potential employers, what can companies do to make a better impression on potential employees?

Identifying the primary needs of job applicants is not necessarily a complex process for employers either. Do you remember all of those (sometimes annoying) lessons you learned as a kid? It turns out those same lessons are applicable to hiring practices of today.

Mind Your Manners

One of the biggest complaints from job applicants is the lack of follow up from employers after an interview. Far too often job applicants send in a resume, cover letter, complete stacks of paperwork and rearrange schedules to come in for a job interview, only to never hear from a company again.

A simple email can make a world of difference in the mind of a job seeker who is waiting to hear if they made it to the next step in the hiring process. Not only is a timely follow up good manners, it demonstrates to job applicants that you are the type of company that cares about the people who interact with your business.

Ask A Stupid Question….

Interview questions are meant to facilitate a conversation between employers and potential employees. Sometimes hiring managers like to throw in a curveball question to see how much they can make a job applicant sweat.

Questions such as “How would you describe the color blue?” or “What kind of tree would you be and why?” may seem like a creative way to test someone’s ability to think on their feet, but an interview is nerve-racking enough for job applicants without the added pressure of oddball questions.

Hiring managers who stick to a conversational tone while conducting an interview, have a better shot at discovering how an applicant’s background fits with the needs of the company.

Shuffle Your Feet, Lose Your Seat

The job market has changed dramatically over the past two years. Gone are the days when there were more job seekers than job openings. In today’s market, job seekers often have the upper hand when it comes to hiring because there are more options available.

Low unemployment rates mean qualified job applicants have not only more interviews, but also more offers than even a year ago. With average hiring times hovering near 23 days, applicants may not want to wait for your company to make a decision. Employers who want to fill positions need to make a solid offer and do it quickly before a job applicant accepts another position with a different company.

Do you have any tips to add to this list to help boost the positive impression employers leave on job applicants?

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Stephanie Beirne Leuer is the Marketing Coordinator at Drake & Company Staffing Solutions, a staffing firm based in Madison, Wisconsin. Drake & Company specializes in temporary, temp-to-hire, and direct hire administrative, clerical and legal placements. Since 1978, Drake has reached beyond skills and qualifications to match candidate personalities with a company’s culture. You can connect with Stephanie by , and you can find Drake & Company on FacebookTwitter and LinkedIn.