What to Consider Before Accepting a Job Offer

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Part 1

Whether you are still looking for your dream job or you’ve landed an offer, now is the right time determine your must-haves before signing on the dotted line. This two-part series will help you consider your options.

Your Co-Workers

Ask to meet the people that you will be working most closely with before you accept an offer. This will allow you to use their first impression to decide if your personalities will mesh. This is particularly important if you are planning to stay there long term. Your dream job can quickly become a nightmare if your co-workers have difficult personalities.

The Office Environment & Culture

Make sure to request a tour before you sign a contract. Pay close attention to conversations, the decor and what people are wearing. This will let you know if you are headed towards a formal or a more laid back work environment. One is not better than the other, it is a matter of preference. For many people, the office culture can influence their happiness level at work.

Also, take note of your potential desk area, their technology and their kitchen, breakroom, and bathroom conditions. You do not want to end up working in a dimly lit, unkempt place without the resources and technology that you need to do your job.

Stability & Forward Momentum

What direction is the company headed in? That is a perfect question to ask before you accept a job offer. Don’t just take their word for it; do your own research! There is little point in finding the perfect job if it is not going to be there for you.

Room to Grow

If moving up within a company is important to you, consider what career paths are available. Don’t be discouraged if there isn’t a clear path that is obvious to you right away. Consider how you could create your own. Think outside of the box.

Keep an eye out for more helpful tips and our conclusion in Part 2.

What are some things that you think people should consider before accepting a job offer?

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