Archive: March 2016

Dear Atty., Do I Legally Have To Pay My Staff Overtime?

Dear Attorney: I own a small manufacturing company. Our facility is divided into several departments and I employ “Department Managers” to oversee production in those departments. These managers also supervise several employees each. The manager’s work hours vary from week to week; some weeks they will work less than 40 hours while other weeks they […]

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Is your recruiter good, bad or great?

  There are good recruiters, there are bad recruiters and there are great recruiters. Great recruiters help you prep for your job interviews. Bad recruiters leave you hanging. Here are just some of the ways that a great recruiter can help you nail your next job interview. Advise on how to dress – Professional attire […]

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Drake & Company Celebrates International Women’s Day

In honor of International Women’s Day, I asked our CEO, Kelly Starr-King three questions. Here are her insightful answers. 1) Why is gender parity important in the workplace?   “Balance within an office in gender, race, nationality, etc. brings strengths from all directions and that lends to a stronger team, whereas an imbalance can lead to […]

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