Archive: January 2015

Dear Atty., Have I Stepped In It Deep Now?

The “Dear Atty” column is aimed at answering employers’ legal questions that surround issues in human resources. Attorney Pete Albrecht of Albrecht Backer Labor & Employment Law, S.C. welcomes you to here for future editions of “Dear Atty.”   Dear Atty., We are adding a new marketing position at our company and as a manager […]

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Happy Anniversary to Drake!

On January 19, 1978, Leanne Starr sat down on the floor of her office with a legal pad, the phone book and phone. She immediately started to make calls to secure her first job order at Drake & Company and within the first week she had a handful of job orders to fill. What began […]

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Kim Starr Adds Author to Her Resume

  Kim Starr, the Vice President of Drake & Company’s Legal Division, recently published her first book titled “Sedona’s Story”. The book chronicles her family’s journey and understanding of her daughter’s autism diagnosis and Sedona’s connection with the spiritual world. Kim recently sat down to answer some questions about her writing process and what prompted […]

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