3 Ways To Dress For a Job Interview

A man wears a dress shirt and tie for a job interview. A job interview is not only the time to demonstrate why you are the best person for a job, but it is also the opportunity to dress to impress. Even in a casual work environment, it is important for job applicants to demonstrate professionalism with what they wear to an interview.

Business Professional

A business professional environment is where it is necessary to wear a suit to a job interview. A dark suit in navy, black or gray is appropriate for both men and women to wear, accompanied by a crisp shirt. Men should wear a professional tie, while women also have the option to wear a skirt. Job applicants should make certain the suit is clean and well pressed to project a professional image.

Business Casual

A suit may not be necessary for every job interview. In a business casual environment, a professional shirt, dress pants and a jacket in a complementary color will present you as a sharp applicant.


In a casual work environment where employees wear jeans to work, it is still important to dress one level above the company’s dress code to appear professional in the interview. Dress pants or khakis paired with a pressed shirt make a good first impression on an interviewer.

Other Details

It might not seem to be as important as an outfit, but shoes, accessories and bags should also be taken into consideration before a job interview. Clunky jewelry, too much cologne or perfume, scuffed shoes or a ripped bag can also make a dent on a first impression.

If you are uncertain what to wear to a job interview, a recruiters can offer guidance throughout your job search. For more information, contact one of our Madison recruiters at (608) 257-2411.

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