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From time to time we come across articles and infographics that might be of interest to other local businesses. As we combed through a list of noteworthy articles, these five stood out as hot topics in hiring trends, management styles and flexible solutions for employee retention.


Inc.: Six Steps to Hiring (and Retaining) Great Employees

In “6 Steps to Hiring (and Retaining) Great Employees”, the article

details ways for employers to find focus throughout the hiring process and to locate the right person who will grow within the company. The key to hiring good candidates is to look beyond skills to find someone who has the right character traits to be successful in an organization.

NPR: And So We Meet, Again: Why the Workday Is So Filled with Meetings

Everyone is talking about the number of meetings we all have these days. NPR’s story

“And So We Meet, Again: Why the Workday Is So Filled with Meetings” covers the inefficiency of today’s meetings and how it eats into productivity. The story points out red flags for managers to look for when meetings have started to effect employee output.

Undercover Recruiter: Welcome to the New Workstyle

This infographic

“Welcome to the New Workstyle” highlights the shift towards a new modern model for businesses. As companies evolve, we see a rise in flexible schedules that allow for more work-life balance, employees who are allowed to work remotely and more innovative tools that allow employees to be more efficient. Study: Employers, Employees Don’t Agree on Work-Life Balance

A recent study

looked at how employers and employees view work-life balance and found the two groups were not on the same page. The data found in “Study: Employers, Employees Don’t Agree on Work-Life Balance” uncovered how important it is for companies to invest in flexible solutions in order to retain good employees.

TLNT: 11 Non-Traditional Ways to Reward Innovative Employees

Employers are always on the lookout for creative ways to reward the best and brightest in the company. In “11 Non-Traditional Ways to Reward Innovative Employees”, four different types of award programs suggest new ways to let your employees know you appreciate what they do. Successful companies have learned to use creative incentives to achieve short- and long-term goals.

As you have perused the internet, have you come across any articles that would be helpful to share with other businesses? If you have read something of interest, please share it with us for future stories!

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