Separate Myth from Fact: Direct Hire, Temp-to-Hire and Temporary

We only use 10 percent of our brains.

Gum takes seven years to digest.

Bulls hate the color red.

Staffing firms only specialize in temporary job placements.

These statements are all common misconceptions that are typically passed around with the best of intentions, but not always based on the full facts. In the staffing industry, we often hear from job seekers and employers who have heard we only handle temporary job placements. While this is one area where we specialize, as a staffing firm we also offer other types of job placements to fulfill the different needs of the companies we serve.

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Direct Hire

A direct hire job opportunity occurs when an employer wants to hire an individual as a member of their staff right off the bat. Our job as a staffing firm to is to recruit the right person to match the skills and personality to fit the needs of a company. Once a company hires the new employee, the individual joins that company’s payroll and becomes a full member of the staff. A direct hire is never on the payroll of a staffing firm.


Companies sometimes like the benefits of a temp-to-hire arrangement when bringing on a new member to the team. A temp-to-hire position allows an employer to test out a new employee’s skills and fit with the company culture before bringing that person on as a full member of the staff. Throughout this trial period the employee remains on the staffing agency’s payroll until the employer decided to bring the person on as a full-fledged team member.


Temporary jobs can be available with a company for a variety of reasons such as a leave of absence, vacation, special project or to cover a busy period for a company. As a temporary employee, an individual remains on the payroll of the staffing agency and is not typically eligible for benefits. Some job seekers enjoy the flexibility a temporary position offers, while others hope to use the experience as a way to build up skills.

Once common misconceptions are broken down we can discover the facts such as bulls actually react to movement instead of color and see that staffing firms offer more alternatives than just temporary job placements. Direct hire, temp-to-hire and temporary job opportunities provide options for an employer, while recruiters find the right employee to fit the company.

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Stephanie Beirne Leuer is the Marketing Coordinator at Drake & Company Staffing Solutions, a staffing firm based in Madison, Wisconsin. Drake & Company specializes in the recruitment of temporary, temp-to-hire, and direct hire administrative, clerical and legal placements. Since 1978, Drake has reached beyond skills and qualifications to match candidate personalities with a company’s culture. You can connect with Stephanie by , and you can find Drake & Company on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Instagram and Pinterest.