Social Media Blunders From Job Seekers

A man sits bent over looking at his laptopWe have all witnessed forehead-slapping moments on social media. You know the kind, like when a friend from college posts an inappropriate picture from a party or your cousin’s misuse of grammar is so shocking that it would horrify any English teacher. While these moments may seem harmless in the moment, these posts can harm a job applicant’s chances of landing a new job

With statistics as high as 91 percent of employers using social media to screen applicants, it is vital for job seekers to keep their accounts clear of undesirable content. A majority of companies will view an applicant’s social media accounts after initially receiving a resume, so the time to clean up Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or other platforms is before someone begins the job search.

A hiring manager who sees posts that include references to drugs, alcohol, illegal activity or other inappropriate behavior will often pass over a candidate. Too many selfies can also reflect negatively on job seekers in the eyes of a future employer. The most negative thing a job applicant can post is something about a current employer, because it reflects back on the type of employee you will be in the future.

Woman tweets that she hates her boss and needs a new job

Even though many social media platforms feel casual, a hiring manager will quickly spot poor grammar and dismiss someone as a serious contender for a job opening. Too much text talk, misspellings and unprofessional language reflects poorly on even the most qualified of candidates.

Woman tweets about how she hates her job with bad grammar

Not only can the wrong type of social media post keep an applicant from being hired, it can also land employees in hot water. Individuals who have used social media to rant about a company or boss have found themselves with a rescinded job offer or even out of a job.

Job seeker tweets about how he hates HR

What do employers want to see on a job applicant’s social media accounts? While it is important for applicants to be professional, it is also a good idea for candidates to show off the positive side of their personality. Hiring managers want to see candidates who share content that is informative, helpful and industry related. It gives job seekers the opportunity to demonstrate they possess knowledge about the field before being even asked for an interview.

Employers also want to see if a potential employee possess the type of personality that fits in with the culture of the company. Positive, proactive individuals who are active in the community make a better impression on social media than someone who posts too many selfies and inappropriate updates.

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