Drake & Company Celebrates International Women’s Day

In honor of International Women’s Day, I asked our CEO, Kelly Starr-King three questions. Here are her insightful answers. 1) Why is gender parity important in the workplace?   “Balance within an office in gender, race, nationality, etc. brings strengths from all directions and that lends to a stronger team, whereas an imbalance can lead to […]

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Hit A Home Run With Your Career Strengths

“What is your greatest weakness?” This is often a popular question posed by hiring managers in job interviews. It is this question many job applicants struggle to answer in fear of the response turning off a future employer. A successful job applicant will point out something an outsider may view as a weakness and turn […]

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How A Stapler Can Change Your Career

As technology changes, the way we complete tasks in the office also evolves. We have pushed aside typewriters for laptops, smart phones and other mobile devices. We are no longer bound to our desks confined by the limitations of office technology. While many things have changed to make our lives easier at work, we tend […]

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