Less Cake for Drake: Our Get Fit Challenge Begins!

At Drake & Company, we’re always working hard to find the right fit for both job applicants and companies in the Madison area—and this hard work often has us sitting at our desks for most of the day. Our sedentary office life leads to a fair amount of lunches at our desks, and although we try our hardest

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Short and Sweet Advice from Drake’s Resume Pro

If you Google the words “resume advice” or “resume help”, you’ll find there’s no shortage of advice on every possible nuance of resume format. However, what if you have questions related to what’s in your resume as opposed to what kind of format to use or how many pages it should be? Or, maybe you’re trying to make a career change and wondering how to best craft your resume.

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The Never-Ending Winter: How Weather Affects Your Job Search

If the television series Game of Thrones was set in the Midwest, its tagline wouldn’t be “Winter is Coming”, but “Winter is Staying.”

Here in Madison, we’ve had an unprecedented number of Winter Storm Warnings and Wind Chill Advisories, and we’re honestly wondering if all of our children will have to stay in school through the end of June just to make up all of the snow and extreme cold days they’ve had.

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