Drake Team Interviews Students

The Drake & Company Staffing Solutions team recently had the opportunity to conduct mock interviews with students from a local middle school. We welcomed the opportunity to step out into the community and meet with area students. Overall, our team was impressed by the goals and aspirations the students displayed, and how the students presented themselves […]

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Your Job Applicant Wants To Break Up With You

If you stop to think about it, the hiring process is a lot like dating. At a job interview everyone dresses to impress the other person. The initial greeting is met with nerves and uncertainty before you both sit down together. You each take turns asking the other thoughtful questions about themselves while hoping the […]

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March Madness: What College Basketball Can Teach You About the Job Hunt

Similar to our obsession with the Olympics (which we wrote about a few weeks ago on the Drake blog), Americans seem to love the March Madness of college basketball. A recent survey estimates that over 176 million Americans tune in for the flurry of games each year, and of those, 50 million participate in March Madness pools, either within offices or as part of friendly bets with friends.

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