Tips For Job Seekers: What To Bring To An Interview

So you scored a big interview. Congratulations! As you prepare for the interview it is important to keep in mind what documents to bring to a meeting with a potential employer. In this episode of Tips For Job Seekers we take a quick look at what to prepare and take with to a job interview. The […]

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Tips For Job Seekers: How To Find Us

“Help! I can’t find your office!” is a common exclamation we hear from job seekers on their way to an interview at Drake & Company. The last thing an applicant wants to do is be late for a job interview, but sometimes office buildings that contain more than one business can be confusing or difficult […]

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Tips For Job Seekers: How To Follow Up After A Job Interview

What should you do after a job interview? In this episode of Tips For Job Seekers, we demonstrate some ways to follow up with a hiring manager after the big interview. However you choose to follow up, make sure you stand out against the competition in a thoughtful and professional way. To find out how […]

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