The Benefits of Direct Hire

An applicant enters a board room for a job interview In the past, we have covered the difference between the types of job placement options offered by staffing firms. Each company has different needs that determine if a temporary, temp-to-hire or direct hire position is right for an organization, with each type of placement offering a variety of benefits.

A direct hire through a staffing firm, however, offers organizations additional benefits not offered through other hiring options.


Better Candidates

When a business decides to use a staffing agency for a direct hire placement, the company has the ability to attract a better pool of applicants. Job seekers, both passive and active, are more likely to leave a current position for a direct hire job if it is a permanent move versus a temporary or temp-to-hire placement.

Stronger Commitment

Employees placed in a direct hire position have a better sense of stability with the company where they are placed. Temporary employees know they will move on at some point, so often do not feel the same loyalty towards a company that an employee in for the long haul would feel.

Parade The Perks

 A temporary or temp-to-hire employee receives benefits and is on the payroll of a staffing firm. With a direct hire, a company has the ability to promote their own benefits and perks of working for that organization. If you have great health insurance benefits or free popcorn in the break room on Fridays, these perks can be used to draw in prospective candidates.

With low unemployment levels, it is important for companies to do what they can to attract qualified employees. By offering a direct hire job opportunity, employers might be able to find more candidates that fit the needs of the company. Best of all, a direct hire placement does not cost a company more than filling a temp-to-hire or temporary position.

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Stephanie Beirne Leuer is the Marketing Coordinator at Drake & Company Staffing Solutions, a staffing firm based in Madison, Wisconsin. Drake & Company specializes in temporary, temp-to-hire, and direct hire administrative, clerical and legal placements. Since 1978, Drake has reached beyond skills and qualifications to match candidate personalities with a company’s culture. You can find Drake & Company on FacebookTwitter, and LinkedIn.