Accelerate Your Job Skills

It happens all the time. You find a job that has the potential to be a perfect fit for the responsibilities you are ready to take on in an office position. As your eyes scan the list of requirements, you find defeat when you do not posses one of the skills the employer has listed […]

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Separate Myth from Fact: Direct Hire, Temp-to-Hire and Temporary

We only use 10 percent of our brains. Gum takes seven years to digest. Bulls hate the color red. Staffing firms only specialize in temporary job placements. These statements are all common misconceptions that are typically passed around with the best of intentions, but not always based on the full facts. In the staffing industry, […]

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The Proactive Bird Gets The Worm

By Peter Jenkins, Office Coordinator, Drake & Company Staffing Specialists You have been looking for a new job for a few weeks, and you have seen several positions online that interest you and match up well with your background. As instructed, you promptly e-mailed your resume and also attached a cover letter and a list […]

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